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Topic for online experimental project (type: research report) The core technolo

Topic for online experimental project (type: research report)
The core technologies of humanoid robots mainly include intelligent perception, human-computer interaction and motion control. In the intelligent perception module, laser radar is used as the core technology combined with multi-sensing technology to achieve high-precision positioning, autonomous route planning and obstacle avoidance; in the human-computer interaction module, the application of AI technology is the core Learning and other technologies to complete the simulation of brain analysis and judgment work; in the motion control module, it needs the integration of various key technologies such as mechanism, drive, planning and control methods to complete the work tasks in complex environments so that humanoid robots have the ability to work quickly.
Whether in intelligent perception, or human-computer interaction and motion control, sensors are the core of humanoid robots to achieve tasks. Robots use sensors to convert the perception of internal and external environments into power output to achieve human-computer interaction and motion control.
(1) Please investigate the research/industry status, application prospects and development trends of humanoid robot technology at home and abroad.
(2) Please elaborate the commonly used types of humanoid robot sensors from the perspectives of internal sensing and external sensing, and analyze the principles and characteristics of these sensors.
Create Charts and tables and everything necessary to validate the statements expressed in your writing. Thanks!