Law and Legal Issues

Issue (s) e.

Under the ″Exclusionary Rule″ all evidence obtained in violation of the fourth, fifth
and sixth amendments will be excluded at trial. Research and brief a case (other
than Miranda) where the exclusionary rule was utilized. You must include
a. Full citation
b. Jurisdiction
c. Facts of the case
d. Issue (s)
e. Relevant Law
f. Holding of the case
g. Do you agree or disagree with the holding of the case?
2. What are the basic protections of the Fourth, Fifth and the Sixth
Amendments? Research a case utilizing either the fourth, fifth or the sixth
amendment (other than Miranda or Terry) and provide:
a. Full citation
b. Jurisdiction
c. Facts of the case
d. Issue
e. Relevant Law
f. Holding of the case
g. Do you agree or disagree with the holding of the case


Write a report (using microsoft word) explaining the information that is presented by your findings (your recommendation).

For a business to properly function, effective methods of communication among owners, managers and investors are essential. Accounting fills the need for a common language of business. It records and processes financial information into an easily accessible format that can be understood by any person in the business world.
Accounting has an impact on all aspects of business. For example, the marketing department, which is responsible for managing and developing the sales of a business, must work closely with the accounting department to monitor trends in the business as well as manage the efficiency of sales promotions initiated by the marketing company. A marketing campaign might be successful in terms of gross sales, but the accounting department might determine that the cost of the campaign was too high.
Goal – Demonstrate your knowledge about information technology to build data sets, retrieve relevant business information that can be used to drive decision making, analyze and communicate this information.
Project Details – You are being considered for a large promotion at your firm. The company has requested you to present to them an idea of why you should be promoted. In essence, what can you bring to the table to provide value to the corporation? This is your time to shine to management. Demonstrate your knowledge of accounting, technology and ability to communicate (writing skills).
1. Build and/or transform a data set into a usable format for analysis in excel
2. Use excel to analyze the material using charts, tables and/or pivot tables
3. Must answer the four questions:
a. Build Data Set – describe how you created the data set
b. Data Extraction and Analysis – describe how you extracted the data
c. Data Interpretation – describe what you interpreted from the data
d. Suggested Business Recommendations – make suggestions based on the data
4. Write a report (using Microsoft Word) explaining the information that is presented by your findings (your recommendation). Note, you are not explaining how you created your charts, tables and/or pivot tables. You must explain how your research solves a problem for management and will also add value to the company.
5. Follow APA writing and referencing guidelines (see recommended reading for effective writing in the syllabus)
6. The word document (paper) and all items (excel spreadsheets, power-point slides, etc.) must be submitted via blackboard (Link for submission will be provided)
I created an excel spreadsheet detailing numerous sales information for a corporation. The details consisted of multiple items being sold (various categories along with sub-categories). In addition, there are multiple sales people from different geographic locations serving multiple geographic locations. The data spanned five years. Using this information, I created charts, tables and pivot tables; and presented them in a power point slide as exhibits to my written paper. Together these documents provided answered the following questions:
a) Who are the top sales people in specific years?
b) What items did they sell?
c) What were the profit margin(s) on respective items?
d) Which sales people sales are trending above average?
e) Which products does the company offer that are no longer selling?
The four questions:
1) Build data set – The data set I created contained 5 years of corporate data containing sales prices, items being sold, the geographic regions items were sold and where the salesmen live.
2) Data Extraction and Analysis – I used a variety of sorting / filtering and / or (pivot tables) in excel to arrange the data in order to be able to interpret the data.
3) Data Interpretation- I used the data from data extraction to determine the top five sales people and the top items being sold in the north east location.
4) Suggested Business Recommendations – I noticed that sales were below average in the south and determined that we should relocate the top selling salesman to that region in order to boost sales.
The deliverables for this project included:
1) Word document containing answers to all four questions (Build Data Set, Data Extraction and Analysis, Data Interpretation and Suggested Business Recommendations)
2) In addition to answering the four questions above, please be sure to write the company’s management of how your recommendation will add value to the company.
3) All excel spreadsheets and any power point slides used to support your answers to the four questions


Do not use student-generated sources.

102 Research Paper Guidelines—this paper is 30% of your grade
Choosing a Topic: The first step in writing a research paper is choosing a topic. This semester, you will choose a topic from American history from the years 1960-2010. You will have to find a specific event, person, invention, etc. and focus on that topic. Be sure to narrow your topic to something specific and one that you can effectively discuss within the limited pages. For example, you might choose the 9/11 event. While you can certainly focus on some aspect of the event, you cannot discuss everything about 9/11 in 5 pages.
Your topic should –
(1) be of interest to you;
(2) be a topic that you can thoroughly discuss in 5 to 6 pages; and
(3) be one that you can find ample credible sources.
If you choose a person, you cannot simply do a biographical sketch of that person. You must focus on something that person did to contribute to or influence society. All topics must be submitted and approved by the instructor. Choosing Appropriate Sources: Once you have chosen and focused your topic, then it is time for you to search for potential sources. The final paper must be based on a minimum of five sources; however, you will have to read many more than five sources to be able to learn enough about your topic to know the “slant” or angle you wish to present in your paper. Appropriate sources may be found in the library or on the internet. You must choose credible sources. Do not use student-generated sources. General encyclopedias and Wikipedia are not acceptable sources. Try to confine your internet sources to those on the Alabama Virtual Library (AVL).
The research paper must- 1. be a minimum of 5 double-spaced pages of actual text;
2. be based on a minimum of five (5) credible sources (no general encyclopedias may be used; Wikipedia
may not be used).
3. be documented using the 9th edition of MLA format of parenthetical citations;
4. include a 9th edition MLA style works cited page;
5. focus on your chosen topic.
6. be typed in Times New Roman with a font size of 12;
7. be submitted to Blackboard.
Grading format: The final draft will be graded for –
1. content based on the length of the paper and the student’s ability to focus on a well-defined thesis statement;
the correct number of sources cited, and the depth of the research conducted;
2. grammar usage;
3. correct MLA documentation.

Business and Entrepreneurship

Is this legislation really necessary and is there an unnecessary burden on business?

Discuss the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR). Is this legislation really necessary and is there an unnecessary burden on business?
N.B Expectations:
You should specifically address the need for this legislation and the impact it has on businesses.
You will be expected to demonstrate an ability to argue for both sides of the GDPR debate.
This part of the assignment will assess your ability to use analytical and research skills gained to apply knowledge of statute, codes, case law and commentary to a relevant established or evolving area of the law relating to Corporate Governance, through research, critical analysis and reasoning.
You will be required to research the law relating to the topic and should clearly outline any positions you take on key issues and include a discussion of the significance of your findings. Your assignment should conclude with any recommendations and conclusions you deem appropriate.


Did anyone else play a role in the decision-making process?)

Please prepare your own household budget for the period of January 2022 through December 2022. This budget must include:
a statement of your economic goals
your revenues and expenditures along with your net balance
a statement of how you’ve forecasted your revenues
a statement of your decision-making process in determining your expenditures (For example, will you take a vacation or focus on saving? What types of considerations played into this decision? Were there trade-offs between using your revenues on this type of expenditure vs. another? Did anyone else play a role in the decision-making process?)
a statement of how this budget moves you closer to your stated goals
For this assignment, you are welcome to use Excel or whatever program you are comfortable working in. You are not required to use real numbers for your personal information, the exercise is intended to have you write a budget if you have not previously and to use it as a tool for planning and auditing expenditures.


When offering an opinion, please support it with specific references and evidence from the reading and/or textbook, when possible.

You are asked to reflect and respond to Discussion Forum questions and post your responses. Your responses should be clear, accurate and complete sentences. When offering an opinion, please support it with specific references and evidence from the reading and/or textbook, when possible.
Evidence is supporting information from course readings, an outside resource, research (book, website,) or specific real-life application from your work experience or prior coursework.


Assignment: annotated bibliography: #1. in this assignment, teacher candidates w

Assignment: Annotated Bibliography:
#1. In this assignment, teacher candidates will work individually to create an annotated bibliography of 10 children’s books that connect to a common theme or topic related to social justice or diversity.
2. The bibliography should include both fiction and nonfiction texts, contain a range in reading levels (K-12) and represent a variety of genres and types of text (picture books, informational, novels, etc). Include at least two fiction and two nonfiction, and at least three different genres represented. At least one book should be a novel/chapter book
*The bibliography should be titled and contain a short introductory paragraph explaining the overall theme of the list and why you selected that theme.
*Each title entry should follow APA format and contain a 40-75 word desсrіption of the book and its connection to your social justice/diversity theme. This desсrіption needs to be in your OWN words. The entries should be listed alphabetically.
Each entry should follow this format exactly:
Author last name, author first initials. (Year of publication). Title of book. Publication city, publication state: Publishing company. Keywords: list the overall themes of each book. Recommended grade level: Genre, Picture book or novel:
Short paragraph describing book.
Bunting, E. (1993). Fly away home. New York, NY: Houghton Mifflin. Keywords: homelessness, poverty, family. Recommended grade level: 2-4. Genre: Realistic Fiction, picture book. This book explores the concept of homelessness as it follows the story of a young boy and father. The two live in the airport, moving between terminals, trying not to get noticed by airport security and staff. One day, the young boy discovers a bird that is trapped in the airport and finds some hope for his own life when the bird gets free.


What aspects of this juxtaposition make it such a fine example of a shift in style?

Here′s the question: The two works in the chapter by Picasso are separated in his output by less than ten years, but stylistically they could not be farther apart. These pieces are held up as pivotal in the move to 20th Century Modern Art. What aspects of this juxtaposition make it such a fine example of a shift in style? What implications does this have for our shared assumptions regarding the artistic process?
It also has to be 400 words


Open the pdf for the directions and weblinks to the specimens.

Microfossil Part 2
Attached Files:
For this lab, you will need to make a series of drawings. I expect your drawings to be fairly large with good detail, ie. four drawings per page. You will not receive credit if your drawings are too simple or too small. You may draw in pencil if you want, but you may need to trace over the pencil lines before submitting so that the drawings are dark enough to show up when I grade them. You will need to either scan or take pictures of each page of drawings. To submit, click the title of this lab and then upload your scans/images.
Open the PDF for the directions and weblinks to the specimens.


Provide one post of no less than 300 words.

Submit one initial post addressing the topics below, and respond to two classmate′s posts.
What is protected data? (cite your source)
What type of information does your company (or a former company) need to protect? In the discussion, give the type of information, why it needs protection, and what would be the impact to the company if a security breech made the news.
Provide one post of no less than 300 words. Cite sources when applicable.
Respond in no less than 100 words to two student′s posts.
Initial posts are due Thursday (by 11:59pm), replies are due Sunday (by 11:59pm).
Sources and citations should be in APA format.